About Us

Stay true to your dreams

A superb salesperson in the business industry suddenly decided to enter the biotechnology industry to fulfill a promise to his younger self while upholding his philosophies to become an international brand that is socially responsible.

Brand story

Success is reserved for those who persist.

At the age of 45, Mr. Johnson Chang abandoned his general manager position at Tait Marketing & Distribution Co., Ltd.. He left the foreign business field, which he had been in for 18 years, and entered the biotechnology industry for a new beginning. After the transition, huge challenges where discovered. Mr. Chang said, “Thinking back to 2008, the company wanted to transfer the technology of the Fisheries Research Institute to develop Taiwan Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan (Taiwan LMW Fucoidan). We knew there were ample of related research aboard, but in Taiwan, it had to be started from scratch.” How much time and money was needed to succeed? It was all unknown back then...

Find hope amidst hardship

Mr.Chang chuckled, “Fortune favors fools, and the motivations to begin are good thoughts.” From foreign research results, Fucoidan has a good adjuvant effect on post-illness recovery. Taiwan is an island surrounded by the ocean. So how is it possible to not develop a product ocean traits? Without hesitation, he dove into the marine health products industry. The Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, was working on related studies. Mr. Chang saw hope in the technologies of the Fisheries Research Institute. He wanted to promote those very technologies and began discussing the possibilities of technology transfers.

The world’s first Industry-government-academy alliance breakthrough

Hi-Q started an industry-government-university-academy research alliance with the Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture. The most effective and best quality brown algae were selected through rigorous experiments. With the world-exclusive LMW technology, LMW Fucoidan was extracted. Its purity and absorbency were much higher than the 30,000 Dalton high molecular weight Fucoidan. With only a molecular weight of 500 Dalton, the absorbency was increased by at least 40%, no foul algae odor, no heavy metals, no contaminations, and no radiation.

Guaranteed safety

We hope the consumers’ first knowledge of the product is the amount of effort our company has devoted into research. The products delivered to the consumers are guaranteed to be safe. Due to Hi-Q persistence, all the products are produced and tested with food safety regulations through third party German TÜV Rheinland and SGS safety tests. Consumers can rest assured!

Establishing the industry’s research norm

In 2008, Hi-Q officially received the technology transfer can began the develop the health product industry- FucoHiQ Fucoidan Expert. Hi-Q Marine Biotech Co., Ltd, Ministry of Economic Affairs- Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office, Council of Agriculture- Fisheries Research Institute, Yang-Ming University, Tzu Chi University, National Taiwan Ocean University, National Health Research Institutes, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Wan Fang Hospital, Chang Gung Hospital, and others joined together in a cooperative research that combines Industry-government-university-academy-hospital. With “science” as its foundation, it has developed a truly Taiwanese health care international brand. With the company’s full research capacity, data revealed that as of 2017, there are over 2000 publications in the world and over 20 Hi-Q publications.

Leading the brand

For the 20 years since the establishment of Hi-Q Marine Biotech, we have utilized cutting-edge biotechnology to develop quality marine health products, becoming an international leading brand and a socially responsible enterprise.

  • Global expansion

  • The current health care, cosmetic, and pet products are in 13 international markets in Taiwan, China, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, etc. Over 3500 retailers in the world, with professional recommendations from each country’s doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists. We believe that with the on-going human clinical trials and evidence, we will achieve academic research success and help people’s well-being with the research results.


Hi-Q Marine Biotech strives to utilize cutting-edge biotechnology to develop quality marine health products. The fruits of our hard labor and awards are listed below.


2015 SNQ- BalanGluco

FucoHiQ BalanGluco received the Symbol of National Quality


2016 Taiwan LMW Fucoidan received the Innovative Research Award

Hi-Q Marine Biotech- Taiwan LMW Fucoidan received the Innovative Research Award

Social responsibility

Hi-Q Marine Biotech strives to preserve the land of Taiwan and relay warmth to minorities. We continue

Charity Soap

HiQ and LoveSoap joint hands to promote the Taiwan LMW Fucoidan Handmade Soap

Let children become independent and shine like a pearl in a clam

Hi-Q Marine Biotech’s brand core values are “natural and health”. Not only did “FucoHi-Q” successfully extract Taiwan’s LMW Fucoidan through an industry-university cooperation with Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and fulfilled to provide quality health care products, it also joint with Taipei Autism Children Social Welfare Foundation- LoveSoap to promote the exclusive “Taiwan LMW Fucoidan Handmade Soap”. The company helped the moderately and severely mentally and physically disabled people above the age of 18 to learn workplace skills. Most importantly, let them establish confidence through the process and learn how to interact with others.

Love the Earth, care for the minorities

Protect our planet with green agriculture, irrigate Taiwan with care and assistance, promote warmth and positive energy, love the Earth, and care for the minorities to fulfill social responsibility. Since 2013, Hi-Q started a partnership with LoveSoap. We allowed the children at LoveSoap to enter society through employment. Our purpose was to create long-term self-sustaining employment opportunities for the hard-to-fund-raise autistic children! This year, Hi-Q Marine Biotech and LoveSoap expanded the partnership by creating the exclusive “Taiwan LMW Fucoidan Handmade Soap”, with persistence in simple, healthy, and safe ingredients.

The handmade soap uses Taiwan LMW Fucoidan (Oligo Fucoidan) extract as stock solution, mixed with natural wormwood, and the children’s purity and kindness, to create an all natural, chemical-free handmade soap. On top of this, the exclusive LMW Fucoidan (Oligo Fucoidan) ingredient is honored as the “key to facilitate skin evolution”. It can prolong and promote skin vitality, maintain skin elasticity, and moisturize after wash which ensures that there is no tightness or dryness and thoroughly rids the skin of dirt and oil.

  • Usable for face

  • Usable for body

  • 100% saponification

  • No additives

  • Biodegradable


Facilitate the children’s independence

Give the children at LoveSoap a “fair” chance to work, let them become independent and reduce family and society burden. They do not need donations, they need independence. With your help, we hope to become facilitators of children’s independence. Through the quality and detailed handmade soaps, let these children’s future shine like pearls inside clams. Let them live an unique and colorful life.

Hi-Q Marine Biotech strives to preserve the land of Taiwan and relay warmth to minorities. We promise to continue our devotion to society and will not stop once started. This is our responsibility and persistence.

Love through actions

Join hands to help the community.

During a Fucoidan conference hosted by the Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries Promotion Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, in 2010, we had our first contact with the volunteers of Grace Home Church and slowly learned about Grace Home Church though conversations with the volunteers! They mentioned that in Taiwan, many people living in poverty have their health care cards locked due to a lack of money, and in turn, are afraid to visit doctors. Grace Home Church joined with pro bono doctors around the country to establish the Grace Home Church Pro Bono Clinic Alliance. All those in poverty can visit doctors for free. Other services even include meals, shelters, relief, etc.

The kindness of Grace Home Church touched us, maybe some they need some LMW Fucoidan. Since then, Hi-Q, Grace Home Church, and many hospital’s social welfare departments entered into cooperation, and everyone who was eligible for mid-low incomes can use Fucoidan for free. Let our friends in poverty enjoy nutritional support.